CherryBomb Adds a Bunch of PPC's to YOUR Sites

Here's some of the highlights:

-Works as a stand alone meta-search engine. This is like Dogpile or other meta engine that returns results from more than one engine. Except your CherryBomb meta engine only returns links from the ppc affiliate programs, so you earn cash.

-List the links that pay you the most are listed first, increasing your chances for profitability.

-No waiting for the programer to update your script.

-Not limited by terms of service by any particular engine. All engines have different TOS's that allow you different rights or types of sites they will accept. By having access to virtually all ppc/XML feeds you have a much better chance of finding a "perfect match" for you site's needs.

-Intergrates seamlessly into html pages with DomBoms and other content feeds (requires ssi).

-Search engine optimization features are built in to help your pages generate traffic that the "plug and play" portals can't match. See how your search word: nasa hotels" is placed here? The ability and control to add your keywords, nasa hotels", in strategic places is essential!

-Uses any web template (layout restrictions apply as you need a certain amount of space for search results). Why be imprisioned by some predefined web template someone else "picked" for you?

-Protects against any particular problems with a certain ppc affiliate program. Maybe they change their pay structure or go out of business. Or maybe one ppc's results become too slow or they have changed their guidelines for "advertiser links" and now their results aren't relevant.

Since you are at the controls, events that could be catostrophic to your business are now nothing more than a simple 2 minute update. Why risk your business on other ppc systems that are inflexible?

-Installation is extremely easy. Upload CherryBomb.cgi and the text files in text mode. Set permisions/chmod CherryBomb.cgi to 755. Installation is complete. (Note: You'll have to modify the config files with your own affiliate codes.)


Linux, Unix server, with the perl module LWP:Simple module (This is a "plug in" for perl that allows getting data from another site). Most hosts have LWP:Simple already installed. And of those that don't most will install it for free. Just ask them to be sure.

Installation: Ability to FTP and set permissions.

Integration into html requires the use of SSI. If you want to use SSI with .html (instead of .shtml) pages, you will also need an .htaccess file (we give you one, it's simple so don't let this scare you). Most hosts allow SSI and htaccess. Just ask them to be sure.

In order to get paid, you will need to apply to, and be accepted by, any or all ppc affiliate programs.

Basic knowledge of html/webdesign is suggested.

Slow hosts and servers may need to limit their total number of ppc's to 1-3. This varies from host to host..

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