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Being a MadBomber means you'll soon have access to the ultimate SEO package...A massive array of knowledge, tactics, methods, scripts, desktop programs and resources including:

The biggest collection of explosive linking tactics and strategies on the planet. Guaranteed!

Extreme on-page SEO advice. This isn't the same old stuff you've heard over and over.

Get Power. Save Money. Potent information on how to exploit trial offers of the most powerful SEO and linking automation programs and software.

Multiply the effectiveness of your social sites with an exclusive guide to using Ping.fm to take full advantage of the most powerful and popular social media sites...Includes custom software to help you create accounts at the most powerful Ping.fm compatible sites in about 10 minutes.

Here's what you're getting:

Special Report: Think Links! 2012

Think Links isn't just a simple strategy or two, but rather the biggest collection of linking strategies and traffic generation wisdom and resources you'll find anywhere.

You're getting tons and tons and tons of linking strategies and resources.

Think Links 2012 is the total package. It contains vast amounts of actual links, linking strategies, tips, foot print searches and so much more.

Instead of just focusing on getting backlinks, Think Links 2012 includes ways to increase your cyber real estate, by being smart. The goal is to acquire and build your own authority network using free cyber real estate.

More Links Than Anywhere Else
- Tons and tons of of direct links to a vast array of resources are included.

Super Easy Automation Strategy Uses FREE Firefox Plugins
- Not only are these plugins free, but they make it possible to find and sign up for links and profiles at a fraction of the time it would take to fill each out by hand.

Special Report: The Big Page of SEO 2012

I took my famous "Big Page of SEO" off line and updated it. It's now only available in this package.

I originally wrote The Big Page of SEO in 2006. But you know what? Even after 5 years it needed very little updating. And it's still the most progressive On Page SEO guide on the planet.

What is "You Rank" and why you need to know.

People Rank, has it come true? I've speculated about People Rank for a decade. It is here now?

Places to add keywords on your pages that you've never thought of.

What words can kill your search engine ranking?

Guide to footprints, finger prints and site DNA.

How Google uses artificial intelligence and relevancy.

Does Google use multiple algorithms?

Text Vectors and N Grams - How Search Engines REALLY Detect Duplicate Content. Essential information for anyone that uses "spinning" software.

...And lots and lots more!

Complete Guide to Trials of the Most Popular Automated SEO and Linking Services

Also included is You Be The Judge, my special guide to the free and cheap trials offered by the most robust SEO programs on the web.

You'll find insider details for programs like:
  • SE Nuke
  • Blogging Underground
  • Brute Force SEO
  • Sick Submitter

    ...and many, many more!

I call it "You Be The Judge" because it focuses on the TRIAL periods offered by many of the most famous SEO/linking programs. Trial/Judge...Get it? :)

The point is, by exploiting these free and discount trial offers, you not only get to unleash the power of these programs, you also get to use them before committing to paying the full price.

And I've included so many, that when one offer expires, move on to the next. Not only can you keep going with other programs, this strategy automatically makes you mix up your linking campaigns...Which produces real results you can see in your traffic and your profits.

Also included are details about how to unsubscribe to each program. Know before you sign up if the program is a Paypal subscription or not. If a service uses Paypal, you know before hand you are in control over the cancellation of the subscription and don't have to rely on the mercy of the program owner.

No matter what color your SEO hat is, the MadBomber VIP is for you!

The SocialBomb Report and Special Edition of Directory Submitter

You also get this short and to the point report explaining how to create accounts that are Ping.fm friendly, the fast and easy way. Ping.fm is a site that lets you post to a bunch of Social and Web 2.0 sites, all from the same place. Just make a post at Ping.FM and your message can be published on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Tumblr, Bebo and plenty more, all at once.

This strategy combines SEO and social marketing, giving you the best of both Worlds!

The only snag to Ping.fm is that you have to go around and create accounts at all of these social sites.

So...I've also included is a special version of Directory Submitter software that helps you create 16-17 of the most powerful Ping.fm compatible sites in less than 10 minutes. This is a semi-automatic method that reduces your typing and effort by up to 75%. It's a real time saver that you can do over and over to create even more cyber real estate in minutes.

Again, this is method isn't totally automatic. If you need something totally automatic, I've got you covered in the You Be The Judge report, so you have the best of both worlds. But this system is fast, easy and 100% free.

Again, you're getting all FOUR of these reports:
Think Links 2012: The Ultimate Linking Resource.

The Big Page of SEO 2012: Extreme on-page SEO reference guide.

You Be The Judge: A Fantastic Guide on How To Automate Your SEO and Linking Campaigns and Save Money Doing It in.

SocialBomb Report and Custom Software: Helps set up Ping.fm friendly accounts in minutes so you can connect the most powerful social sites on the Net.

But that's only the begining!

Go ahead and browse through all the info before spending a penny.


On many topics you'll see download links to Tuelz, Bomber Scripts and other downloads relating to the subject.

These links will lead to a 404 page and you won't be able to download them.

However, Bomber VIP members will have access to all these downloads, plus more!

Note: I can't guarantee all the programs, especially the "bots" will work, as many of the bots are dependant on third-party sites that can and do often change. However, if there's a bot you want and it isn't working, post a request in the VIP Download section and I'll do my best to update it.

Also, be sure to download and run these basic Tuelz to make sure they work on your PC.

These are a "clean" download and don't require you to "install" them and they don't mess with any of your WIN settings in any way.

To test, just download, unzip and click the Tuelz.exe icon.

If they start and you see a funky "web page", then they work.

Please download and test before buying.

Because of all the stuff included and the low cost, please respect there are NO REFUNDS. So make sure the basic Tuelz above work on your machine and after you order we'll get you set up with full versions of all the Tuelz plugins.

Basic Directions for Tuelz

Remember that you can NOT click directly on a .mod file to use it.

You must click Tuelz.exe first. Tuelz will start running in your web browser. This is actually a "server" on your own PC and you'll see the IP address in your web browser:

Again, this is YOUR computer and not a website.

Once Tuelz load, it will look like a normal website, and you can access each Tuel through links throughout Tuelz.

Note that Windows Vista says that the .mod files are movies. This is incorrect. We created Tuelz long before Vista was around, and for some reason, Vista thinks the .mod files are movies. Just ignore this.

To watch a short video tutorial which explains the basics of your new Tuelz, please click here:

Some more of the Downloads Available with Your www.DomBom.com MadBomber VIP Membership:

Twitter Google Buster Report - Uncover how you can use Twitter to rank pages on Google the easiest and fastest way EVER!

BlogBomb - Very powerful perl/cgi script to exploit RSS feeds.

Here's just one Bomber strategy: As you build links, Squidoo lenses, profiles, articles, etc, they often give you an RSS pheed. Take those pheeds and add them to your own installations of BlogBomb. BlogBomb then becomes your very own RSS "aggregator" which you can use for a variety of powerful techniques. You can add your own links to any resources you have that accept RSS. This is a great way to get your stuff indexed and get more links.

Another use is the "random" function of BlogBomb...Once you input a bunch of your own RSS pheeds, use the random feature to create grayhat "updating" RSS pheeds, great for rapid pinging.

More Info:
- 1 BlogBomb - Installation - Videos

- 2 BlogBomb Admin

- 3 Finding RSS Pheeds

- 4 Adding RSS/BlogBomb to Your Pages SSI and htaccess

Note: The above links are the tech links for BlogBomb. There's many useful strategies at the forum.

FatBomb website script- Build sites and start you own niche search engines or use the search results to build SE friendly directories.
More Info
- 1 Installing FatBomb

- 2 FatBomb Admin Video Tutorial: Exploring the Features of Fatty

- 3 Intro to FatBomb Skins

- 4 Making Pages Using FatBomb

Note: The above links are the tech links for FatBomb. There's many useful strategies at the forum.

SpiderBomb - Website cgi/perl script - your very own web spider to create content for FatBomb. Making niche search engines is a terrific way to leverage the power of topical search engines in your niche, as well as making you look like a real powerhouse to the competitors in your niches.

Your Tuelz: - Tons and tons of various helper applications. Runs on Windows machines

See Tuelz forum for general usage and tech info:

For Tuelz usage and tips, also check the MadBomber forum:

PageBomb - Windows app - Makes pages using keywords. Good for turning Blogbomb and Fatbomb searches into "html" pages. Uses SSI tags. Bascially, if you have a search engine, including the one built into Word Press, you can use PageBomb to turn keyword-based searches into "real" html pages in seconds.

Special Report: Kurt's Content Multiplier Trick - I show you how to make tons of content using PageBomb and Wordpress. Note: You do need content already in your Wordpress blog for this to work and the more content you have, the better it will work. This is a fantastic way to really explode your existing content into tons more.

PageBomb Templates - Some quick and easy templates to use with PageBomb.

Hubz and ZZ Tuel Downloads (Free for active members) - Two secret, but powerful website building tuelz.

Hubz BombBot - A bot to help set up Hubz Tuel projects

Botator Script - This perl script lets you rotate pages based on the day/date. I use it on www.pheeds.com to rotate different wikipedia articles each day.
More Info:

- Bo's Rotate Script (Botator) Special RSS Strategy

Internet Marketing - Lots and Lots of RSS Feeds Syndicated Web Content and Promotion

CamoBomb Files - Another Bomber original strategy...A very sneaky, and powerful way to make "camouflage" pages used to hide linking and commercial intent:
More info:
- CamoPage System

Is Your Site Up Right Now? How Do You Know?

Moniterz Upgrade to the Limited (LTD) version of Moniterz that allows for tracking UNLIMITED websites to make sure they are up and running.

Has more power and options than the LTD version as well.

Don't kid yourself...The single most important thing in an online business is having your sites, blogs and sales letter UP and accessible. Think about it...Moniterz makes sure your sites are up and warns you when there's a problem. Don't lose your precious rankings because you have an undependable host! You'd be surprised just how bad many hosts really are.

More Stuff

Commentz Bot - Helps create projects using the Commentz Tuel
More Info:
- April 20 2010 - The Commentz Project

Content Scraper Bot
More Info:
- April 20 2010 - The Commentz Project
- The List of FREE Bots

FrankenChicks - A collection of "morphed" picks of chicks I made myself. Since they aren't real, use them without guilt in projects requiring profile pics. Be legal and respectful. There's nothing lower than stealing someone's pics and pretending to be them!

Funnel Bomb - This is for folks that are familiar with HTML and using text editors that what to create sales letters and other sales funnel files quickly. These are "Clips" for Editplus text editor that allow for ultra-quick creation of sales funnel pages using a text editor and html. They are fairly easy to convert to other text editors that use "clips". Even if you don't want to use the clips themselves, there's all the sales letter graphics you'll ever need.

How to videos:

Some various web "header" graphics - Helps create niche sites fast.

Kickapps Bot is a popular forum/community board. This bot will create accounts on Kickapps.
More Info:
- March 2010 Downloads _ Special RSS Editiion (see post #6)

MyLifeIsAverage Bot- I compiled the source programmed by another person. This bot goes to www.MyLifeIsAverage.com and scrapes posts. These posts are GREAT for using as "every day" posts, just rewrite them a bit using your own keywords to change the story a bit.
More Info:
- Camouflage Pages

Simple Proxy Scraper Bot
More Info:
Here's a simple bot I just made that scrapes proxy IPs from this page:
Proxy List - Best working proxies here

It only scrapes IPs that are from the US and the UK, omitting IPs from all other countries.

There's a small glitch...If you want to run the bot again, you need to hit the "stop" button (by "actions"), then hit the "go" button again. The IPs should be stored in a txt file called Ips.txt, located in the same folder as ProxyScraper.exe. If you own Scrapebox, it will do a better job of collecting proxies, but if you don't, this is a good, easy way to get some fresh proxies

Uber Indexer Bot - Helps get new domains (not pages) indexed fast.
More Info:
- Uber Index BotBom

vBulletin_BomBot - One of my favorite ways to expand my virtual real estate!
More Info:
- March 2010 Downloads _ Special RSS Editiion (see post #5)

RSS Blackhole kit - Very powerful!

Basic Directions for Tuelz.

Remember that you can NOT click directly on a .mod file to use it.

You must click Tuelz.exe first. Tuelz will start running in your web browser. This is actually a "server" on your own PC and you'll see the IP address in your web browser:

Again, this is YOUR computer and not a website.

Once Tuelz load, it will look like a normal website, and you can access each Tuel through links throughout Tuelz.

Note that Windows Vista says that the .mod files are movies. This is incorrect. We created Tuelz long before Vista was around, and for some reason, Vista thinks the .mod files are movies. Just ingore this.

To watch a short video tutorial which explains the basics of your new Tuelz, please click here:

Plus lots more stuff in the MadBomber VIP section!

Go ahead and browse the info at www.DomBom.com and see if you can't benefit from the strategies and downloads.

Then come back here and become a MadBomber VIP!

Full 100% Money back guarantee!

If the entire MadBomber package isn't the most complete and powerful SEO and linking resource you've ever seen...Just send me a POLITE request within 30 days of your purchase and I'll give you your money back.

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