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  1. Check/change "path to perl": #!/usr/bin/perl
  2. Upload everything in ASCII/text mode using your FTP programs.
  3. Set permissions of fatbomb.cgi to 755.
  4. Set permissions of all the folders to 755. If this returns an error, try setting folders to 777.

Strongly suggested:

Either before or after uploading, change the folder:

fatbomb to somethingelse

fatbomb.cgi to AnotherSomethingElse.cgi

Use a couple of important keywords in these file names, it can't hurt. The goal is not to have the same file names as everyone else. It's offers a bit more privacy and a little more security.

Note that you will have to log into your Admin and add some databases before your engine will return results.

Your admin URL should look something like this:

Or maybe:

...Of course, if you followed the directions and changed the names, you will need to adjust your Admin and search URLs, accordingly.

The default password is:


Change this immediately!

Modifying Your Skins:
Upload the folder /styles/ to the root folder of your website. Make sure the /images folder is inside this folder: /styles/ /styles/images

Next, open skins 1-10 and change the following line in your skins to point to the /styles/ folder on your domain: @import url( );

License Restrictions and Disclaimers:

Use at your own risk, both from a technical standpoint as well as from a legal one.

It is up to you to check the TOS of each search engine and abide by their rules.

No search engines are guaranteed to be working at any given time.

However, updating the files is extremely easy and doesn't require you to re-install the entire FatBomb.

You must register for the DomBomber's Forum to receive support.

Installing is pretty easy, however tweaking the look and feel of your pages takes good html skills. Note the "html" and not "web design".

Your version of FatBomb will not look exactly like the demo and will be "plain". You need to do your own design, graphics and layout.

Kurt Melvin, FatBomb or make no "promises" or "guarantees" your site won't be banned. No one can make these types of promises as there's a variety of reasons pages can be dropped.

If anyone makes promises about ANY pages being "undroppable", they are either ignorant or lying.

Only "Official" FatBomb moderators may install FatBomb for a fee.

You may not distribute FatBomb. Every user must register for the DomBomber Forum.

The more resources you include, the more server power you will need. FatBomb may not run at full capacity on all servers/hosts.

Support is only offered through the FatBomb Forum. You will need to check the Forum for updates, fixes, etc as there is not mailing list.

Protected by the laws of the Sate of Nevada, I reserve the right to refuse FatBombs to anyone for any reason.

Please support FatBomb...Thanks in advance,

Kurt Melvin

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