PageBomb-Your Weapon of Mass Production-From Dombom

PageBomb makes search engine friendly pages for you in seconds. As quickly as you can fill in lists of keywords and press "Go!", you can create tons of pages filled with relevant, unique and profitable content.

These aren't your father's "doorway" pages. PageBomb pulls content from DomBom Profit Bombs (not included) , or almost any cgi search engine, such as Smartsearch (not included) to generate unique and useful content your your pages. It doesn't hide keywords in flash, or <no frames> tags or use redirects, simply because it doesn't need to.

PageBomb gives you the power to use the vast resources of DomBoms (not included) content and quickly make real HTML pages, by mixing and matching different "Bombs" to give you your own unique mix of content. Plus, DomBom content (not included) has built in revenue streams!

Plus, PageBomb can use the html on any website for the design and layout of its pages. Just grab the HTML code from you existing pages, paste it into PageBomb and add a few simple tags where you want your keywords and content to appear, and PageBomb will create each and every page with the look and feel you want, filling in unique content for EACH page, based on the keywords you provide.

There's a huge difference between doorway page generators, which simply take a small block of text and spew it across 1000 pages, and PageBomb that, when working with DomBoms (not included) will create unique content, automatically individualized for each and every page.

Using PageBomb's explosive power, you can create huge directories of pages about almost any subject in just four easy steps:

PageBomb is no longer available to the public. Bombers may order it through the MadBomber's Forum

-PageBomb is a Windows exe file. It requires Win95 or newer.

-PageBomb is a clean install, and doesn't add DLLs or any other junk anywhere on your computer.
-It's so compact, it doesn't even need an installer. Just unzip it, and it's ready to go.
-Content Source: PageBomb builds pages using dynamic content sources such as DomBoms or a site search engine, so you need a source of content.
-Ability to upload pages to your website and to customize the look and feel of your site.
-Use of dynamic content sources may require additional skills.