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Check path to perl, upload to cgi-bin, set permissions of cherrybomb.cgi to 755 (Some servers may need 775)


1. Set Path to Perl

Open cherrybomb.cgi and make sure the path to perl is correct for your host. We included the most popular path:


If you're not sure what your path to perl is, you will need to ask your host "What's my path to perl?".

2. Save.

3. Upload.

Using an FTP client, create a new directory (folder) on your site named: cherrybomb.

4. Set permissions of this folder to 755.

Upload the entire contents folder "cherrybomb" to the cherrybomb folder you just created in your cgi-bin. It should include:


CherryBomb header and footer

xml-list.txt (A list of the ppc search engines you want to use)

Some more xml-name-of-engine.txt files (These are the config files where you set you commissions for each)

Set permissions of cherrybomb.cgi to 755

5 Testing:

In your web browser, go to (This may very depending on how your server is set up.)

Cherrybomb.cgi should open in your browser window. In the search box, do a search for a popular phrase such as "computers". If you get search results, everything is OK.

Using your FTP program, rename cherrybomb folder to an important keyword. Rename cherrybomb.cgi to another important keyword. This is a very important step. First, it will tend to help in your search engine rankings, plus you don't want everyone to know you're using CherryBomb.

Double check to make sure your permissions are still correct, then retest, using the new URL:

Installation is complete.

Getting your header and footer search engine friendly.

Based on the searchbomb PPC engine, CherryBomb automatically optimizes your search results pages for whatever word your visitors search for.

This is extremely useful if you want to link directly to certain search results.

If you create a link to CherryBomb search results or a visitor searches for "computers", CherryBomb will automatically insert "computers" in the search results page where ever you tell it to.

Here's how: Wherever you want the search term to appear on your page, just insert this tag into the html: <<keywords>> On your search_header/footers, you can put this <<keywords>> tag in the title, alt, headings, text, search form, everywhere and anywhere else you'd place important keywords in your html code.

By placing the tag in the search form, CherryBomb will automatically insert your visitors' searches into the page for them.

It's pretty cool and many seo's want to hide the cgi form filled with keywords. No need to hide it using CherryBomb.

Having the keywords filled into the search form is a useful technique for your visitors...

Here's an example of how CherryBomb can help optimize your title tags.

Let's say on my search_header.html, for the title tag, I would have: "Huge <<keywords>> directory with tons of stuff, specializing in <<keywords>> and more."

If someone searched for computers, CherryBomb will automatically rewrite your title as such: "Huge computers directory with tons of stuff, specializing in computers and more."

If they searched for "irish wolfhounds", the title of that results page would be: "Huge irish wolfhounds directory with tons of stuff, specializing in irish wolfhounds and more."

I used the <<keywords>> tag twice, just to show how it's done. You'll want to vary it's use. Mix it up in your search headers/footers. But as you probably know, getting the keywords in your titles and other parts of your pages is very, very important.

And CherryBomb will do this for you automatically, for any term that's searched for, or linked to.

For questions and tips, visit the DomBomber Forum. ..

Inserting PPC search results into html pages

SSI (ask your host if you have SSI, most have it, but some don't)
.htaccess file - included (suggested so you can use .html instead of .shtml)

Almost, but not all, hosts allow you to use what's known as an "htaccess" file. This is a little text file that gives your server special "orders".

You really don't need to understand it, just know that you will need to upload the htaccess file (included) to the directory where your html pages are that you want to insert CherryBomb results into.

Once your new directory/folder is set up with an htaccess file, you just need to include this tag in your webpages where you want to include the search results from CherryBomb:

<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/cherybomb/cherrybomb.cgi?keywords=internet marketing&results=20&bid=y"-->

There are three "parameters" (things you can control) in each tag:

1 The keywords: internet marketing (Use the plus sign " " in place of blank spaces between keywords)

2 The number of results: &results=20

3 Show or not show bid value:  &bid=y (or n)

These are color coded so you can find them in the sample SSI tag.

This gives you complete control over the subjects you want on your pages, how many links and whether or not to show bid totals.

Note: It is suggested that you notify your visitors in some way that these are sponsored links, either by using the "bid=y". It is up to you to check on the legal issues dealing with advertising.

Running a Bunch of CherryBombs.

There are many times why you may want to use more than one CherryBomb at a time.

The most common is that you may want to have a search engine AND include the CherryBomb results on html pages.

Here's the problem: CherryBomb inserts the header and footer into each page of results it creates. If you have created a header and footer to use for the CherryBomb search engine and try to insert CherryBomb results into a html page, CherryBomb will also insert the header and footer into your html pages and this can cause some very strange results.

The solution: Just create two "CherryBombs". If you followed the instructions above, you will have renamed CherryBomb to something else.

Use the renamed one as your search engine.

Now just upload another CherryBomb (following the info above), but don't rename this one.

Since you are using SSI, no one but you and your server know what you are calling CherryBomb, so it does no good to change the name.

On the SSI version, just open the header and footer and make sure they are empty.


Renamed: Use for search engine- Use custom header and footer

CherryBomb.cgi: Use for SSI - Make sure header and footer are BLANK

There are many other reasons you may want a "bowl" of cherries, maybe you want to include results from one PPC here, and two other PPCs there...It's all up to you. :)

If you have any questions, please visit the Mad Bomber's Forum at:

Updating your affiliate code-

Open up the xml-ppc-engine.txt file and look for the affilaite code listed in the URL at the top. Each ppc uses a slightly different format, some use nick names, others use numbers. By looking at your own affilate info, you should be able to change the affilate info given into your own affiliate info.

If you have any troubles, visit the forum and we'll do it for you.

Adding or Removing Pay Per Click Engines
Open xml-list.txt and add or subtract the appropriatate PPC, making sure each is on its own link.

How to create your own PPC XML feeds:

1. Open file xml-list.txt and add a line with the new config file name you will create:

xml-yourextrafile.txt  <<<< ----->>>> Modify this with the file name you create

2. Now create a new text file, using the same name you entered in the xml-list.txt file.

3. Paste in one of the other, completed config files to use as a template.

4. Replace the top line in your config file to your new  XML feed URL (get ths from you affiliate account):

Here's the raw URL from Revenue Pilot:[Family_Filter_on/off]&perpage=[NUMBER_OF_RESULTS]&ip=[IP_ADDRESS]&skip=[Skip_Results_Amount]&keyword=[KEYWORD]

Here's the end result:$ip&skip=0&keyword=$keyword


The explanation for the variables above:
$URI ===> The link that users click to the search result
$URL ===> The URL display
$TITLE ==> Title
$DESC ==> Description
$BID ==> The bid amount
$RATE ==> The rate you want to display in the cost for advertiser if you put $RATE='0.6'; means it will only display as 60% so if the bid is $0.20 it will only display $0.12
$keywords ==> The keyword parse from your search field

If this is hard to undersatnd, just post your affiliate info at the forum, and we'll do it for you or
If you have any questions, please visit the Mad Bomber's Forum at:

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