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Newbies--->Dombom Installation Guide

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Support Forum-If you need help, here's where to get it

Newbie Install Guide-This tutorial takes each script one at a time and may be easier to understand, if you're new to installing cgi scripts.

Keyword Armory and Keyword2Link Converter-Discover your most powerful keywords and convert them to searchbomb links.


Step 1-Affiliate Links: If you want to get paid, you'll need to sign up for the following affiliate programs. You will also need to have your affiliate numbers and know your commission before you can configure the ProfitBombs!

Note: This usually takes about 24 hours before you'll be notified of your affiliate info.

SearchFeed-Used with SFBomb and BlenderBomb.

RevenuePilot-Used with PilotBomb and BlenderBomb.

Amazon-Needed to get paid to sell their stuff.

AllPosters-Join the Affiliates Program and get access to hundred of thousands of images for your site. has images from popular movies, music groups, sports teams, fine art, and much more. Adding these images to your site will enhance your content.

Furthermore, you get paid for improving your site with poster/print images! All ofof the images you use will link to where your site visitors can make purchases. When they buy something, pays you 20% - 25% of the sale. It’s easy to sign-up, build links, and track your sales

Once you join, AllPosters will send you log in info. Then, you log into your account and AllPosters will generate the html code needed for the posters you select. You have a lot of options there, but they automate it really well. Just copy/paste the code into your web pages....

Step 2-Installation:

1. Unzip

2. Open all cgi files using any text editor such as WordPad (Windows) or SimpleText (Mac).

3. Change "path to perl", if needed. Open all cgi files and, if necessary, change your path to perl. It should look something like: #!/usr/bin/perl

4. Change the affiliate codes in each of the following three cgi files to your own affiliate numbers. A) blenderbomb.cgi-Enter both your Searchfeed and RevenuePilot numbers. B) sfbomb.cgi-Enter your Searchfeed affiliate number. C) pilotbomb.cgi-Enter your RevenuePilot number..

5. Upload all files using the text or ASCII mode on your FTP client to your cgi bin.

6. Set the permissions: All directories: 777   All cgi files: 755. Please refer to your ftp client for info on how to set permissions. You may be able to do this by "right clicking" on each file.

Optional Configurations: Note: If this is confusing, you can skip these. They have  already been set for "average use".

1. Timeout: (optional) The three Pay Per Click bombs  (blenderbomb.cgi, sfbomb.cgi and pilotbomb) have a "timeout" feature. This means that if one of the search engines such as SearchFeed or RevenuePilot is down or slow, it won't prevent the other bombs from working. You can set the timeout to any amount of time you wish. If you're not sure, you can just leave the time to what is already entered. Remember, 1000=10 seconds. For example, if you want the script to timeout after 5 seconds, set this number to 500.

2. Cache: (optional) odpbomb.cgi and ragingbomb.cgi allow you to cache the results. This allows you to store the results from these two search engines/directories on your own site. This greatly increases the speed of your results. Please note that SearchFeed and RevenuePilot do not allow their results to be cached. This is due to the fact that their advertisers may want to change their bids. If you cached their results, the advertisers bids would not be updated. We have set the cache to refresh every 10 days...You may change the number or leave it as is.

3. Show Bid Amounts for searchbomb.cgi-You can tell searchbomb whether or not you want to display bid amounts. You do this in the script itself. Just look for the variable at the top of the script "my $showval=y" and change it accordingly.

For blenderbomb.cgi, sfbomb.cgi and pilotbomb.cgi, you also have the option to display the amount of each bid. This is set in the tag itself, to give you more control over each individual page. This is explained a little later, in the "Using ProfitBomb Tags" section.

Note: If you chose to show bid amounts, searchbomb and blenderbomb show YOUR commissions, not the actual bid amount. pilotbomb and sfbomb will show the actual bid amounts.

Upload .htaccess. (optional). Be sure to read "More on .htaccess " below before uploading.

If you have any problems, we can install and configure all files for $30, usually within 24 hours. Click here to order installation.

You'll need to send us:

Your path to perl. Just send an email to your web host and ask "What's my path to perl?"

Your affiliate numbers for SearchFeed and RevenuePilot.

Your SearchFeed commission percentage (RevenuePilot is a constant 60% for everyone).

Your website's FTP info so we can install the scripts on your site. Be sure to include server, username and password.

Step 3-Using ProfitBomb Tags

For simplicity, think of just a single tag:

<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/blenderbomb.cgi?keywords=roses&results=20&bid=y"-->

You'll need to change your "/path_to_your_cgi_bin/" accordingly. Then, just change "blenderbomb" to whichever Profitbomb you wish to use, then paste the tag into your webpage where you want the results to appear. You can use more than one tag per page. Note: The more tags you use, the slower your page will load and the more server resources you'll use.

<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/blenderbomb.cgi?keywords=roses&results=20&bid=y"-->
<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/sfbomb.cgi?keywords=roses&results=20&bid=y"-->
<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/pilotbomb.cgi?keywords=roses&results=20&bid=y"-->
<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/odpbomb.cgi?keywords=roses&results=20"-->

How Many Links Do You Want to Display?

You can set the number "20" to any number you wish, just be sure you have that many results for any given keyword. Note: If you have this number ste to "20", but there are only 10 results, that's OK...You just won't have 20 links....

Using Multi-Word Phrases

If you have a multi-word phrase, remember to use a " " sign in place of blank spaces. For example:

<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/blenderbomb.cgi?keywords=new york hotels&results=20"-->

Show (or not show) Bid Amounts?

Since blenderbomb.cgi, sfbomb.cgi, pilotbomb.cgi use "pay per click", you have an extra option when using these three ProfitBombs, whether or not to display bid amounts for each bid. To use this option for searchbomb, you'll need to set this variable in the script itself. See above: "Show Bid Amounts for searchbomb".

<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/blenderbomb.cgi?keywords=roses&results=20&bid=y"-->

If you want to display the bid amount for your results, set this to: y

If you don't want to show the bid amount, set this to: n

Adding a search box for searchbomb:

It's probably best to just look at the html code and copy it from there...

You can try this code... You will need to change the part in red to match your own domain.

<CENTER><FORM method="POST" action="">

<INPUT type="text" value="" name="keywords" style="background-color: lightgray" size="24">

<INPUT type="submit" value="Find!" name="submit" style="background-color: lightgray">


RandomBomb-Open random.cgi and change the path to perl, if necesary.

Upload random.cgi and randomtxt.txt in the ASCII mode. Set the permissions for random.cgi to 775.

Open randomtext.txt in any text editor. Insert blocks of text, html, etc. To seperate each block, on a seperate line, use:


See radomtext.txt for examples.

Insert the following tag in your pages where you want your random results to be displayed:

<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/random.cgi?"-->

For more info on how to exploit the power of random.cgi, please visit the support forum at:

Most Common Problems:

1. Make sure the "path to perl" (the first line of each cgi script) is correct.

2. Double-check that the permissions for each file and directory (folder) is set correctly.

3. If you are sure the first two are correct, then there's a very good chance you're having problems with Server Side Includes (SSI) that are needed to write the content of the scripts on your webpages. Don't worry, correcting this problem is usually very easy.

First, double check to make sure your ProfitBomb SSI tag is "pointed" to the right place. Take note of the part of the tag in red below:

<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/sfbomb.cgi?keywords=roses&number=12" -->

There's a good chance that this isn't "where" your scripts are located on your site.

Maybe, your tag should be (without the "-bin") such as:

<!--#include virtual="/cgi/sfbomb.cgi?keywords=roses&number=12" -->

Or if you uploaded the scripts to a directory (folder) INSIDE your cgi-bin, you'll need to include the directory (folder) name in the "file path" of the SSI tag. For example:

<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/something/sfbomb.cgi?keywords=roses&number=12" -->

If you are sure that you have the tag configured properly, your problem is most likely a small problem with how your host/server is configured to display pages with SSI.

To use SSI, you have two options: You can either name each file with an .shtml extension (please note the "s" before the"html"), or you can use what's known as a .htaccess file to tell your server to "pretend" that .html files should be treated as .shtml files.

An .htaccess file is simply a text file used to give a server special instructions.. But instead of naming it something like instructions.txt, it is only named: .htaccess. When a server is asked to display a page, it first looks for an .htaccess file to see if there are any special instructions your server needs to know before displaying a webpage. In this case, you server will look for the .htaccess file and see that you have instructed your server to display .html files as if they were .shtml files.

A possible point of confusion: When you upload an .htaccess file to your server, it is very likely that it will "disappear" and you won't be able to see it or tell that it is there. This is because many important server files start with a "dot", such as .htaccess, and your FTP client doesn't want you to be able to accidentally delete important server files, therefore your FTP client "hides" files beginning with a "dot". You may or may not be able to change this in your FTP program's "options" menu.

The .htaccess is there, even if you can't see it, assuming you uploaded it in the first place. If you need to change the .htaccess file, just change it on your PC using a text editor such as Wordpad (Windows) or SimpleText (Mac) and upload it. The new version will overwrite the old version, even though you can't see either version.

We have included a .htaccess file so all you have to do is upload it to the same directory (folder) as your DomBom ProfitBomb pages are kept on your server.

Don't be intimidated by the .htaccess file. Here's the entire contents of the included .htaccess file:

AddHandler server-parsed .html

That's it. That little line of text tells your server everything it needs for you to be able to use SSI on .html pages. If you use .htm instead of .html on your site, just open the .htaccess file in any text editor such as Wordpad (Windows) or SimpleText (Mac) and change the .html to .htm .

Just remember that if you have ProfitBomb pages in more than one directory (folder) on your web site, you'll need to have an .htaccess file in EACH directory (folder) that you use SSI with ProfitBomb pages. This is no big deal. Just upload the .htaccess file to each and every directory (folder) you have ProfitBomb pages.

Using an .htaccess file has some advantages and disadvantages.

The disadvantages are that it will take your server a little bit longer to read each page in the directory (folder) with the .htaccess file, including any html files that don't have SSI tags in them. Unless your site has a ton of traffic, you probably won't be able to notice any performance differences.

The advantages of using an .htaccess file are you don't have to rename any existing pages using .shtml. If you have pages already listed in the search engines, by renaming these pages from .html to .shtml, you'll lose all your rankings.

Also, since you are not using .shtml as an extension, no one knows you're using SSI on your pages, including the search engines or your competition trying to do some "spying".

This is just my personal opinion, I always use an .htaccess file. It makes things much easier on my end and I haven't noticed any measurable difference in my server performance. But, your results may vary.

.htaccess files are a very powerful resource for any webmaster. In addition to the benefits listed above, you can password protect directories, change your "default" home page, create custom "404" error pages and more.

For more info on .htaccess, please see: Comprehensive guide to .htaccess.

Amazon Products Feed-Although DomBom gives tips and tricks to maximize the use of the Amazon Products Feed, We do not offer tech support the AmazonProductsFeed. Please visit the AmazonProductsFeed Support Forum for  updates, help and questions.

If you're still having problems, do this:

Delete everything. Just upload blenderbomb.cgi and just work with it. Just install it and get a feel for it. The others are very similar. Make it simple. Just work on one script. If you get blenderbomb down, you're almost home.

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